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Our process for creating your custom piece of jewelry is simple. 

Select your Style

First, select the style that best represents you, and will help tell your story to the next generation. We have several styles and designs that contain between one and seven stones to help represent you, and your people. Have more people than seven? No worries! Visit our Make it Custom page to have our custom jeweler assist you in making it right.

The Perfect Gems

Next, (when applicable to the style) choose your gemstones. You're the designer here, so have fun! For a piece that will last longer than a lifetime, we recommend using the very hardest gemstones available. Diamond, moissanite, or genuine colored sapphire are usually our picks ( You didn't know sapphire came in so many colors, did you!?) Don't forget to add a sweet sparkle diamond or two inside of your band in remembrance of angel babies, or other important parts of your story that must not be forgotten. To add additional stones to a design, or to create your own unique custom design, be sure to visit our Make it Custom page.

The Purest Metals

Yellow? White? Rose? No matter the choice, you'll know it's 100% pure metal of the highest quality. Trying to stay within a budget? We get it! Look into using 10 karat gold or silver. When properly cared for, both options can last a lifetime and beyond.

Nail that size

Lastly, choose your size. Now we're going to be honest with you. Getting the size wrong on your first try is a real headache. This is why we recommend you take this step seriously, and follow our sizing tips. Spoiler Alert: Heading to your nearest local jeweler to have your finger sized is the very best way to ensure you get it right the first time.


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