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Make it custom

Not seeing what you are looking for? No problem. We have dedicated jewelry designers who can help you make a completely custom piece. Whether it be to represent your family or a marriage proposal, we can help! Fill out this form, and we will be in touch with you within one business day.

Your Budget Matters

Quick bragging moment. Because we make everything custom, we can create the same look in different price brackets. Whaaaat?! For example: A ring design can be made using a flawless diamond and platinum, OR using gold dipped silver and a brilliant moissanite. Both rings will look identical. Both rings will be lifetime pieces. But they will have quite different price ranges. Behold the power of custom!

Get Inspired

When your designer gets in touch with you, they will be asking to see your inspiration pictures. These can be a combination of pinterest or google pictures, a picture you snapped with your phone, or even a hand drawn concept.

Show Offs

The next step is where we really show off our design skills. Listen, we are good at this. We will carefully communicate with you to achieve the right mockup of your dream piece. Then we'll knock your socks off with our hyper-realistic final rendering. (That picture to the right isn't real? Nope. It's one of our renderings.) This incredible rendering will allow you to see exactly what your ring will look like from all angles before the metal is ever poured.

Pour the metal

Once you give your official OK on the final rendering, your ring will be 3D printed from that exact rendering file. This ensures your ring will be exactly what you designed. From there, your piece will go into the hands of our master goldsmiths and artisans to have the stones hand set, and the heirloom lovingly finished.


Timing for the design process varies from person to person. It can easily be two days, and rarely takes longer than a week. Your custom piece will arrive to you about 14-16 business days after you OK your final design. The rest will be history. Your custom piece will naturally become a priceless family heirloom that will tell an important story for generations.

Custom Return Policy

Because of the custom nature of these pieces- we cannot accept returns or offer refunds. This is why we go the extra mile to provide you with such crystal clear pictures of what the finished product will be. We stand behind the quality of each piece, and will cover any manufacturing defects found within the first 30 days. Please see Our Promise Page for a list of details.


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