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At Life and Jewels we create fine jewelry that showcases your life's journey.  Our unique set up allows you to choose each design's finish work.  Whether you design a ring that represents your role as a mother, or celebrates finding your life partner...we want it to tell your story and we hope you smile every time it graces your finger. 

Who we are

Life & Jewels began when two friends had a similar vision of preserving the past and celebrating the future through fine jewelry. Both were mothers, wives, and daughters. Both also happened to be custom fine jewelers who understood the need (and way!) to simplify the industry. With their burning vision, and just the right connections and backgrounds, they set off in pursuit of the perfect heirloom jewelry company.

Remembering Angels

Miscarriage, stillbirth, and losing loved ones are some of life's most heartbreaking experiences. In one way or another, everyone will be impacted by loss. Even though these are such difficult times, they are still important threads that are weaved into our story- making us who we are. One of our passions is finding ways to include sweet sparkles of remembrance in our jewelry. Adding a perfect little diamond or two to the inside of your band can be a quiet way to help you remember a person you loved, or tiny spirit you were never able to meet. Having something etched in gold will both help in your grieving process, and ensure that special spirit is never forgotten.

The Heirloom Movement

Have you ever listened as your grandmother explained the meaning behind the rings she wears? Has your mother ever said, “This once belonged to Grandma, and someday it will be yours.” That warm feeling of connection, love, and celebration of your family's story is the passion behind the creation of Life and Jewels. It is the reason our company only offers the highest quality workmanship and the strongest, purest gems and metals. Our pieces are more than beautiful jewelry. They will tell your story for generations.

Our Dedication to Quality

Being able to stand the test of time is no small task, especially for a beloved piece of jewelry that is worn everyday. This is why we refuse to cut corners when it comes to quality. Only strong, pure materials of the highest quality are used by our experienced goldsmiths and artisans. Final quality checks are done by the most persnickety, ensuring that your piece arrives ready to begin its life as your newest family heirloom.


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