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L&J Sizing Guide

L&J Sizing Guide

When it comes to custom fine jewelry, sizing is one of those things you really need to get right the first time.  Resizing is a headache- you just want that ring to begin its happy life on your finger! Here are our recommendations for getting the size just right- the first try!

* Don't forget! We can make our rings in half AND quarter sizes ( woot! woot!) 

Best Option: Get help from a jeweler
Every community has several!  A quick stop into your local jeweler is the best way to find the correct sizes of ALL your fingers!  Take your time and find the right fit. Ask the jeweler for tips- they usually know their stuff! After finding each size- save them in your phone so you can order rings like a rock star forever more.

Next Best Option: Purchase a sizing tool
Having one on hand will be useful- you may become the designated ring sizer for your friends! We like this one.  Make sure you carefully follow the directions to ensure the most accurate size.

One More Option: Use a Printable sizer
This option is convenient because you don't have to leave your home. It can also be the least reliable- mostly because sometimes printers can print things to different scales. If you use this option make sure you check the printed sizer with a ruler, and follow the directions carefully. Click here for one we like.

A few more tips to ensure you nail that size!
1. Temperature makes a difference. Cold fingers are a bit smaller, and warm fingers are a bit bigger.  Sizing when you’re super cold could make for a tight fit later- so warm those babies up before you start!

2.Don't forget the knuckle!  While sizing, make sure that the sizer can slide over your knuckle. Order a quarter or half size larger if you have larger knuckles.

3.Check both hands!  Sometimes the same finger on both hands are slightly different sizes.  So make sure and check each individual finger- and write it down!

Don't forget!  Becoming a member of our Family Heirloom Program will allow you to receive our rock bottom employee price in the case you ever need to resize.  Listen, we've had babies.  We get it! 



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