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L&J Care Guide

L&J Care Guide

At Life & Jewels we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your heirloom piece of jewelry.  That being said, we want to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep your prized possession in tip top shape so it can be passed on to loved ones when the time is right!  

      1. Because your custom piece may be minimal in nature, it can be prone to bending if not properly cared for and protected.  Before you purchase a minimal piece, it is important to understand the inherent risks associated with the minimal trend.  We recommend removing your jewelry when engaging in physical activities that could lead to it becoming bent or denatured.  Remember our 30 Day Guarantee will only cover imperfections in the metal not visible during the manufacturing process,

slight cracks in the metal, loose prongs, or missing pave stones.   Please inspect your ring for any of these conflict as soon as it arrives.  You can read more about our 30 Day Guarantee here



2. As a member of our Family Heirloom Program, we would like to offer you cleaning and inspection at our exclusive employee price (aka zero mark up).  We highly recommend you commit to sending your ring in for this inspection OR have it looked over by a local jewelry once a year. This will allow any maintenance or repairs needed to be found before damage is done.  For example, a wiggly stone due to a loose prong that needs strengthening is something we’d want to correct right away in order to keep your piece ready to withstand the ages!

     3. With pieces that were ordered with Rhodium Plating, the plating will need to be redone every 1-3 years (or as deemed necessary).  The frequency will be determined by the piece’s wear and your skin's natural oil content.  Low wear pieces like necklaces and earrings will often go many years before needing a new dipping.  Remember, as a member of our Family Heirloom Program, you will always receive our affordable employee price on these important services. 





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