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L&J Policies

L&J Policies

30 Day Guarantee
At Life and Jewels we guarantee that your ring will arrive to you free of any defects.  Upon arrival, please inspect your piece and let us know if you see any problems immediately.  The main thing to check for would be a slight crack in the metal, loose prongs, or missing pave stones. Within the first 30 days, we are happy to cover 100% of any manufacturing defects.  

Returns Policy
Because of the custom nature of these pieces- we cannot accept returns or offer refunds.  We stand behind the quality of each piece, and will cover any manufacturing defects found and reported within the first 30 days.  

Resizing can be a headache.  This is why we recommend you take our sizing tips seriously at the time of purchase.  Read about our sizing tips here.  Still, life happens, and your finger size may change (we've had babies.. It's a thing!)  If you are a member of our Lifetime Heirloom Program, you will always receive our employee discount on resizing fees (aka ZERO mark up).  For all others, resizing will be a fee of $30.  You will be responsible for covering all shipping costs.  

Lifetime Heirloom Program
We understand that you are creating this piece with the goal of passing it to the next generation. With that in mind, we created our Lifetime Heirloom Program. The program is simple, yet important.  It entails that you mail your piece (or pieces) of jewelry to us each year for a cleaning and inspection.  All services will receive our exclusive employee pricing, which means absolutely no mark ups.  Remaining active in this program will keep your pieces and all stones (under 2mm) under full warranty, for life. Our Lifetime Heirloom members will also be first in line for exclusive deals and discounts.  Please enter your email address when you complete your purchase to become a member of this program.  You will be happy you did!

Lifetime Warranty
All of our rings come with a lifetime warranty.  In order to keep the warranty active, you must be a member of our Lifetime Heirloom Program.  Membership in this program entails that you commit to mailing in your ring yearly for an inspection and cleaning at our zero mark up prices.  We recommend you keep this document on hand for future reference. 

Any stone larger than 2mm or 0.5ct is not included in our warranty.  We encourage appropriate insurance for your large stones, and suggest you use  Insurance will cover events that we cannot, such as jewelry loss, theft, or destruction.

All other gemstones that become prematurely loose and fall out (not due to natural wear) or imperfections in the metal not visible during the manufacturing process, will be covered 100% as long as you have kept your warranty valid by sending your ring in for it’s yearly cleaning and inspection or notified us within the first 30 days of receiving your piece.    

This warranty does NOT cover:

  • Gemstone loss as a result of normal metal wear 
  • Denaturing/discoloration of your precious metal due to exposure to harsh chemicals, pools/hot tubs, cosmetic products, etc.
  • Other events that can void our manufacturer warranty include:
  • Signs of abuse which may result in bent prongs, dents in jewelry’s surface, twisted structure, multiple broken prongs, etc.
  • Bending or twisting of the piece and its prongs due to normal wear and snagging
  • Having your piece altered or worked on by any outside jeweler
  • Jewelry is not in possession of the original owner
      Remember, this is an heirloom piece of jewelry that should be kept safe and removed during any sort of activity that could cause trauma.  After all, we want and expect this to be a treasure you will pass on to a loved one. Please visit our care guide found here for additional tips and tricks on how to properly care for your heirloom. 

      Yearly Cleaning and Inspection
      As a member of our Lifetime Heirloom Program, you will be eligible for a yearly cleaning and inspection by our master goldsmiths and artisans at our employee discount rates.  By sending us your ring once a year, you will be keeping your Lifetime Warranty valid. If we determine that maintenance or repair is necessary for your jewelry, we will inform you as to the nature and expense of the issue as it applies to your piece before the repair is started.  Current Members of our Lifetime Heirloom Program will receive no markup on any repair fee. 

      When it is time to send in your jewelry, please contact us for further instructions. 

      Stone Quality Guarantee


      • Diamond and Moissanite
        We certify that the Diamonds and Moissanite we use in our rings are 100% conflict free.  We use eco-crafted stone in our rings, as they are 100% genuine, cost less, and help to promote a healthy planet.  The average quality of our genuine diamonds is fantastic - colorless (F-G) color with extremely clean (VS2) clarity.

        If you have a specific graded quality you feel you need or you desire to use a mined diamond, please visit our Make it Custom page and chat with one of our personal jewelers about further customizing your piece. 

        • Genuine Colored Sapphire

        At Life & Jewels we choose to use Colored Sapphire gemstones because of their durability which is what we believe will truly make your piece of jewelry an heirloom piece.  We certify that our Colored Sapphire and Nenosital Crystal are pure and genuine, sustainably created, and 100% conflict free.


        Terms & Conditions

        Your Consent

        By using or other Life and Jewels software including mobile applications, you consent to our Life and Jewels policy.  This privacy statement discloses the privacy practices of Life and Jewels.  Life and Jewels has a commitment to protect your privacy.  The information collected and stored by Life and Jewels includes your name, address, phone number, and email address.  While your credit card information is collected at the time of purchase, only the last four digits are stored on Life and Jewels' servers.  Credit card information is sent directly to Shopify, our payment processing provider, where it is safely retained.  Life and Jewels collects personal information through a secure server.  As a result, you can be confident that none of your personal information will be seen by anyone outside of Life and Jewels and Shopify.  In the event of a change to Life and Jewels' Privacy Policy, all affected users will be notified immediately by email and the details of such changes will be posted in this portion of the site.  Life and Jewels does not knowingly collect any personal information from children ages 12 and under.       





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