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Why Choose Solid Gold?

For a Lifetime Heirloom, we recommend choosing a solid gold option. Because we want to allow fine jewelry for all budgets, we've made gold dipped sterling silver available to our customers. Please be aware that although gold dipped silver is a solid precious option, Silver is softer than gold- and will have more likelihood of bending- especially in the more minimal pieces. The gold will also wear off over time- especially on places that rub your skin the most. 

Consider investing a bit more in your metal now. There will be less upkeep, and you will never regret it!

*For members of our Family Heirloom Program, we will be happy to give you our employee pricing for re-dipping your piece whenever necessary. Shipping is covered by the customer.

What is the difference between White Gold and Silver?

White gold is a stronger, more durable metal than silver.  While they both begin with a white appearance, silver will tarnish over time and requires polishing to maintain that white look.  Because it is softer, silver also scratches more easily. For a ring that you want to last a lifetime, and will be worn everyday- we strongly recommend the durability of solid white gold.  Spending the extra money will be well worth the investment. 


What are Angel Baby Diamonds? 

Angel Baby Diamonds represent the loss of a child from a miscarriage, stillbirth, or any other heartbreaking experience.  These 1mm diamonds are set on the inside of your band and serve as a quiet way to represent a person you loved, or tiny spirit you were never able to meet.  You can add Angel Baby Diamonds to any of our rings for only $15 each.  

angel baby diamonds


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